TBC History


The first meeting was held at the home of W.W. and Margaret Bridges on a Wednesday night in March of 1962.  Approximately 64 people attended. Mildred Myers Cain served as secretary for the first meeting. The group met in their homes several Sundays before moving to a temporary location on Bois d'Arc Street. Cecil A. Jackson conducted the services for several Sundays. Maric Jackson was pianist, and Russell Wiggins led the singing. Several men of the congregation met with William F. (Bill) Vick to ask him if he would consider being pastor of the church. He was then approached again in March of 1962 by Dr. Shamburger of First Baptist Church and Tilson Maynard, Association Missionary, to start a new work in northwest Tyler. He accepted their invitation to pastor the North Bois d'Arc Mission, which became a self-supporting church in August of 1962 and was named Tyland Baptist Church. 

The church was constituted on August 26, 1962, with 68 charter members, sponsored by Sylvania Baptist Church whose pastor was Finus Fluker.  In September of 1962 there were 83 enrolled in Sunday School. Robert M. Moore was Sunday School Director and Howard T. Craft was Training Union Director. 

On July 23, 1962, North B'ois d'Arc Mission, called into special conference by Pastor Bill Vick, voted to secure a loan from the Tyler Bank and Trust Company in the amount of seven thousand dollars to be paid back, if possible, within 36 months. On August 29, 1962, Tyland Baptist Church, called into conference by the pastor, voted to secure a loan from Tyler Bank and Trust Company in the amount of ten thousand dollars. Ten men signed the notes of both loans. Mrs. E.E. Primrose was the church clerk and Elizabeth Wiggins was secretary for both meetings.

In October of 1962, Tyland moved to its present location at 2818 Silver Creek Drive. The church burned in January of 1982 as a result of a faulty heater valve. It was rebuilt, debt-free, the same year.

Rev. W.F. (Bill) Vick retired in 1986, and William Mark Moore officially became pastor of Tyland Baptist Church on March 30, 1986. 

Rev. Moore resigned only a few months later. Brother J.O. Mormon was called as interim pastor. In 1987, Gary Newman was called as pastor and served the church until March 8, 1992. Jerry Hawbaker served as interim pastor until Dr. M. David Compton was called as pastor on July 26, 1992.

Dr. Compton served as pastor of the church until 2004. Jerry Hawbaker again served as interim pastor for approximately six months, at which time the church called Scott Johnson as pastor. Brother Scott served the church for approximately two and a half years, at which time Jerry Hawbaker once again assumed the role of interim pastor.

In September of 2007, Tyland Baptist Church called the Reverend D.E. Mahfood as pastor. 

On January 16, 2010, Tyland Baptist Church was completely destroyed by arsonists. She rebuilt again, debt-free, and celebrated the first service in the new facility on June 26, 2011. 


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